From January 11 to 21, a meeting was held in our Generalate in Rome for a group of Sisters who have been in the Congregation 25 years or more. Twenty-five Sisters from across the Congregation gathered for this meeting, which had the character of a renewal. The intent in planning such an event was to offer the Sisters the chance to be in the heart of the Church and our Congregation, to grow deeper in the spirituality of Nazareth, to draw closer to our Mother Foundress and to more deeply experience the richness of our internationality.

The 10-day meeting included a number of conferences, presentations about the Sisters’ ministries, attending Mass with the Holy Father, walking in the Footsteps of our Foundress, and visiting the Motherhouse where she lived and died, just to name a few. Many of the participants expressed their immense gratitude for this experience, and for the gifts and graces received. God be praised!

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