Thus I envisioned our life in Nazareth as a life of love externally given to work, service, performance of whatever Our Lord may require. But in the very depth of the soul, the interior life would flourish in profound union with God.

Mary of Jesus the Good Shepherd Journal

Nazareth spirituality is rooted in the Gospel message of love, fostered by an attentive listening for the voice of God in the persons and events of our daily lives, and lived out in the human experience of each day.

The Holy Family of Nazareth, our model, inspires us with the beauty of an ordinary life lived in deep faith and intimacy with Jesus, God-with-us. While externally, our life appears very ordinary and simple, each Sister strives to cultivate an interior attitude of receptivity and reverent awe at the incomparable mystery of God’s love and presence with us. Nazareth spirituality, thoroughly grounded in human experience, is a ‘mysticism of the ordinary’, a path of living contemplatively by which we gradually become more and more able to discover and proclaim the hidden face of God to our brothers and sisters in the human family.

In addition to personal prayer, we find special nourishment for our spiritual lives in the Eucharist and the liturgical life of the Church. Trusting the dynamism of the Spirit Who guides the family of God through the ages, we pray daily for our Holy Father and cooperate in the Church’s ministry of proclaiming the Kingdom of God’s Love to the world.