Who we are

The Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth are an international apostolic Congregation of vowed women religious. In the tradition of our Foundress, Blessed Mary of Jesus the Good Shepherd, we strive to be women committed to a deep prayer life, one which gives meaning and direction to our engagement with the Church and society.

Reflection on the life of the Holy Family of Nazareth urges us to center all on God, as did Jesus, Mary and Joseph at Nazareth. We believe that in God, all is interconnected and imbued with divine grace. From this Incarnational stance, we approach all of creation with respect and awe. All people are seen as children of God, and our ministries in fourteen countries enable us to find the face of God in a great diversity of cultures and life experiences.

Recognizing the family as the most important building block of a strong society, we are especially committed to strengthening family life and enhancing the moral and spiritual development of families. We accomplish this through a wide variety of ministries, including traditional and non-traditional expressions of education, health care, social services, spiritual services, including evangelization, catechesis, retreat work, and pastoral ministry.

Did You Know:

The sisters pictured here represent members from 13 countries on 5 different continents – Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America, a unique gathering on the occasion of the International Symposium ”Nazareth Sisters – with the Holy Family for Families” held in 2014.

Short film-presentation about our Congregation prepared on the occasion of Vocation Expo in London. On the audio track was used a song “You are not alone” performed by The Nazareth Youth Community from Warsaw. Thank you Sister Bogna Noetzel for making it available. For more information about The Nazareth Youth Community see their website: https://dmn-nazaret.pl/


 Translation of the Polish song:
You are not alone
The Nazareth Youth Community

1. Perhaps you think, that you don’t have the strength
To raise yourself again
Your thoughts become more and more distant
They try to catch you, you chase them.

Ref: You are not alone, someone loves you very much.
You are not alone, someone needs you, trust Him.

2. When you don’t know what will happen
And you can’t see sense in life
He will help the darkness leave you
And fill you with His light.