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[inwave_heading style=”style2″ sub2_title=”through the intercession of Blessed Mary of Jesus the Good Shepherd” title=”Prayer to Obtain Graces” sub_title=”|FRANCES SIEDLISKA|”]

O God, by the light of the example of Blessed Mary of Jesus the Good Shepherd, by the warmth of her love for you, and by the generosity of her charity in the service of others, may she be an inspiration to us in all that we do. For your greater glory and for our spiritual benefit, we ask you to grant the grace we need through her intercession.


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O dear Mother Foundress, you who are so close to the divine heart of Jesus, look down upon this earth and see how one of your children pleads with you for this favor… Mother, obtain it for me from his divine heart. How can he refuse you anything now when you plead for favors for your children? Intercede for me, O Mother, with his sacred Heart.

(Say 9 Hail Mary’s, and 9 times “Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on me.”)

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O Lord, grant that we not only bear the name but become in truth the daughters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, so that the kingdom of divine love grow and flourish among us. Grant us, O Lord, the grace to have always before our eyes your holy life, the life of your immaculate mother and that of St. Joseph in Nazareth so that we may live this true spirit and be totally animated with it. I, your unworthy servant, O Lord, am asking this for myself and for all my sisters so that we will always be pleasing to you and be children of your divine love. Amen.

[inwave_heading style=”style2″ sub2_title=”Franciszka Siedliska” title=”Litany of Blessed Mary of Jesus the Good Shepherd”]

Lord, have mercy on us! Christ, have mercy on us! Lord, have mercy on us!

Christ, hear us! Christ, graciously hear us!
Father, the Creator, have mercy on us,
Son, the Redeemer, have mercy on us,

Holy Spirit, the Consecrator, have mercy on us,
Jesus, the Good Shepherd, have mercy on us,

Holy Mary, the Mother of Christ, pray for us,
Queen of Families, pray for us,
Saint Joseph, the Guardian of Jesus, pray for us,
Holy Family of Nazareth, pray for us,
Blessed Frances Siedliska, pray for us,
Glory of the Mazovian region, pray for us,
Shining with the gifts of nature and grace, pray for us,
Example of perfect communion with Jesus, pray for us,
Following the Good Shepherd, pray for us,
Devoted to Mary, pray for us,
Devoted to Jesus forever and ever, pray for us,
Entrusted to Divine Providence, pray for us,
Seeking God’s glory, pray for us,
Submitting to God’s will, pray for us,
Listening intently for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, pray for us,
Example of courage in adversity, pray for us,
Merciful towards God’s little ones, pray for us,
Faithful Daughter of the Catholic Church, pray for us,
Foundress and Mother of our Congregation, pray for us,
Dispenser of life-giving word, pray for us,
Hidden in Jesus’ shadow, pray for us,
Shield of prayer for popes, pray for us,
Lamp filled with the oil of love and faith, pray for us,
Apostle of the Kingdom of God’s Love, pray for us,

Blessed Gift of the Church for the family, pray for us,

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, spare us, o Lord.
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, graciously hear us, o Lord.
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.

Let us pray:God, You gifted blessed Mary of Jesus the Good Shepherd with the special charism of life according to example of the Holy Family of Nazareth, grant us this grace, so that we, following her example, may know how to prompt in Christian families the desire of a life worthy of their vocation, for Your greater glory and for the spreading of Your Kingdom on earth. Through Christ, our Lord.



Mass Proper for the Feast of Blessed Mary of Jesus the Good Shepherd Frances Siedliska.