In the footsteps of Blessed Frances Siedliska in Rome (1)

Sr. M. Beata Rudzińska, CSFN

I once dreamed of a series of posts about the beginnings of the Congregation in Rome on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Nazareth Sisters. And the dream did not let me rest… Despite various concerns, however, I decided to realize it.

I am not a historian. I simply once dealt with this subject out of necessity (guiding tours in the footsteps of the Foundress for Sisters coming to Rome for formation programs). Today I continue this task with passion. It gives me joy to discover the Rome of Frances Siedliska and the traces of Frances in Rome. I also want to share it with others.

Originally, these texts were published as posts on my personal Facebook profile. They still retain the character of my personal interpretation of the source data and I take responsibility for any potential errors.

So here we go. The time has come, for although the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth will be celebrated on the First Sunday of Advent 2025, it is the exact 150th anniversary of Frances Siedliska’s first arrival in the capital of Christianity. But more about that in the next episode…

Picture:  J. Anderson „A view along the river Tiber”. Catalogue # 638.