A few words about our aspirant … Theresa came to us on the evening of Friday, January 14th, 2018. On Saturday morning, she participated with us in the Holy Mass in our chapel. Like almost every Saturday, the neighbors and some of our workers along with their children came to our chapel. Those who had previously met Theresa were delighted to see her among us. As usual, after the Eucharist, we all went, together with the priest, to our refectory for breakfast. Theresa helped us distribute our modest treats. Once again, I could not believe the huge amount of cocoa and bread with jam our children can consume… Well, for most of them, it is an exceptionally rich breakfast, for which they wait the whole week … After the meal and singing a few songs, everyone returned to their homes and we to our duties. For the rest of the morning, Theresa helped us to clean up the house, and then she was busy writing a request to begin her affiliacy. After lunch, we had our monthly day of recollection. It was a great opportunity for our future affiliate to prepare spiritually for starting a new stage in her life.

On Sunday morning, the whole community went for Mass to the Estate (one of the station churches belonging to our parish). After the Eucharist, the priest invited Theresa into the middle of the assembly. It is a local custom to welcome and present people who are new to the local Church community. Theresa was introduced as a person who is joining us and wants to be a Sister in our Congregation. Fr. Paul proudly pointed out that this woman comes from his area. He also admonished the parishioners because so far none of their community had joined the Sisters and he “imposed” on the parish the duty of praying for Theresa and for new vocations so that she would not feel alone. All the parishioners greeted her with obvious joy, which also pleased us.

Around 1pm, our Sisters from Yamfo and Sr. Marietta from Sunyani arrived at our house in Chiraa. In the chapel, we read again a fragment of that day’s Gospel, which described the image of St. John the Baptist’s disciples, who followed Jesus, and asked: MASTER, WHERE DO YOU LIVE? And then stayed with Him. Sister Marietta, referring to this event, encouraged the candidate to, like them, seek a close relationship with Jesus. Then she welcomed her as an affiliate in our Congregation and in our community. As an external sign of starting the stage of affiliacy, Theresa received a medal with the image of the Holy Family and our religious prayer book “Jesus, Mary, Joseph”. After communal prayer for our new aspirant, we all went to share a meal.

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