The Saint Michael Archangel Region in Ukraine was created six years ago. The first regional council faced the challenge of bringing together Sisters from two different countries and two different provinces, which was not an easy task. Therefore, on August 29, 2020, the Sisters of the entire Region gathered in Kiev to express their gratitude to the first administration: Sr. Aneta Tobiasz, regional superior, Sr. Felicyta Dworecka, assistant, Sr. Karolina Młodzianowska, treasurer and councilor, and Sr. Franciszka Tumaniewicz, secretary and councilor, for their untiring efforts to build unity among the Sisters and to care for the spiritual life of the Sisters in the Region over the past six years. The day was also a time of gratitude and prayer for the new regional administration. The ceremony of the installation of the new administration was held in the parish of Mary, Mother of the Church in Kiev during a special service prepared by the Sisters. Sister Alina Furczyk from Rome also came for the ceremony. Brother Błażej Suska, Superior of the Custody of the Friars Minor Capuchin, presided over the Mass and gave the homily.

The new administration of St. Michael the Archangel Region consists of:

Sr. Beata Wilk, regional superior,

Sr. Weronika Bielak, assistant and secretary,

Sr. Bogumiła Futrega, treasurer and councilor,

Sr. Agata Brońka, councilor.

 The Sisters expressed their will to accept this new responsibility and readiness to serve their Sisters. Sr. Angela Marie Mazzeo, Superior General, shared her wishes that the Sisters strive each day, in faith and humility, to follow the example of Mother Foundress and her constant desire to do the will of God and that God’s grace sustain them in the midst of the challenges that will certainly also come. Sr. Angela Marie also addressed important words to all the Sisters: I once heard it said that we cannot expect anything from our leaders if we do not pray for them, nor can leadership expect anything from the Sisters if they do not pray for them. Therefore, let us pray for each other and in this way offer our spiritual support. Let us all work together for the spreading of God’s Kingdom of love.

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