At the beginning of 2021, on January 18, Sr. Angela Marie Mazzeo, Superior General, began her visitation in the Province of Jesus the Good Shepherd. The first home visited was in Loreto, Italy. Sr. Angela Marie went there together with Sr. Speranza Grzebielec, General Councilor. This place, so loved by our Mother Foundress, is important for our spirituality and identity also today. Prayer in the Shrine of Our Lady of Loreto and the Holy House is always a great grace and blessing. The Sisters ministering in Loreto, in the silence of the House of Nazareth, embrace all the Sisters with their daily prayers. The visitation ended on January 22.


On January 24, the visitation of the Motherhouse on Machiavelli Street in Rome began. This time Sister Angela Marie was accompanied by Sister Alina Furczyk, Assistant General. It was a special meeting in the house where the presence of our Mother Foundress is so alive. It was an amazing time of encounters and a mutual strengthening in faith. Since there are in the community Sisters who have lived in this place for several decades, they willingly shared their memories about Sisters, events and the history of the house during recreation. The visitation ended on the evening on January 29.

At the end of the visitation, the Sisters prepared a wonderful gift: from March 4 to 12, each day in the Sisters’ chapel, a Mass will be offered for Sisters from all the Provinces and Region of the Congregation. In this way, the Motherhouse community desires to unite itself in prayer with all the Sisters in the Congregation and to pray for them for all the graces needed.

3/4 – General Administration and the mission homes

3/5 – Holy Family Province

3/6 – Most Holy Name of Mary Province

3/7 – Most Holy Name of Jesus Province

3/8 – Holy Spirit Province

3/9 – Jesus the Good Shepherd Province

3/10 – Blessed Martyrs of Nowogrodek Province

3/11 – Mary of Nazareth Province

3/12 – St. Michael the Archangel Region

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