From May 7 to May 14, 2021, Sr. Alina Furczyk, General Assistant, together with Sr. Lucyna Fraczek, General Treasurer, were conducting visitation in our mission house in Benicassim, Spain. The visitation lasted only one week but was full of meetings. First of all, it was the time spent with the Sisters who were willing to share their experience of life and new apostolic challenges, as well as their concern as to how they can best serve God in the Spanish Church. Sr. Alina and Sr. Lucyna had the opportunity to get to know the places where our Sisters minister and meet their closest co-workers. They also participated in the meetings and prayers of groups associated with the Sisters. Spain is a country that gave birth to great saints, but also today the Church in Spain is being reborn and she operates in small but very dynamic parish groups. It is our great joy that the Sisters can spread our charism there.

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