The whole world is looking in horror today toward the Ukraine invaded by Russia on Thursday morning. There are six houses of our communities on Ukrainian territory. Two of our Sisters were forced to leave Kherson. Now there are fierce battles going on there. The other communities have remained in their places, supporting the people, encouraging them, praying with families, helping to calm children, supporting and courageously helping as they can and where they can.


The two communities of Kiev are staying together in the parish of the Capuchin friars. Together with the brothers, they are supporting many people who have left their homes and are now living in the parish house. The Sisters have also made their house available, but in moments of emergency they go down to the basement and the lower church, where there is constant prayer. Yesterday they were awakened by the sound of airplanes and explosions. When they wanted to do some shopping, they found that there was no bread in the stores. However, they are calm. They organize a playroom for children in the basement of the church. They pray with people for peace and are grateful for any support.



In Browary the Sisters also moved to the parish, which is run by the Pauline Fathers. The situation is similar to the one in Kiev. Together with them people of different religions live in the parish. Last night because of the danger everyone slept in the basement. Sisters went among groups of people in different rooms and prayed with each group. They also help to prepare meals and take care of the children. Yesterday there were many people with them, and new people keep coming…



Zhytomyr is quiet and empty for now. Outside the city and in the region there is gunfire, military parts, which are quite numerous in the area, are burning. For now the Sisters are in their house, because they have their own basement. They are doing what they can, especially organizing prayers to calm the people who are in a huge panic. There is no bread in stores, but there are huge queues at the blood donation points. The streets are empty…



The night passed quite peacefully, despite the fact that there are also military facilities in the area. The Sisters spend nights in the parish buildings. Yesterday they endured an air raid alert twice. Apart from the fact that they have to go down to the basement then, they try to live a normal life. Yesterday and the day before, Sr. Renata and one of the fathers visited the sick. There were queues in the streets, the longest in pharmacies. In the church from 9.00 till 22.00 there is the adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament. Here we seek, first of all, peace of heart and we pray for those who fight with weapons in their hands – the Sisters write.


The Sisters thank you for every prayer, sacrifice and support. Let us be close…