At the end of April and the beginning of May 2022 we gathered in Cracow to spend this time in the community of the Juniorate. It was an exceptional meeting because for the first time all fourteen Junior Sisters were able to attend, even Sr. Anna Maria from Togliatti (Russia). During the first days we had the opportunity to participate in the workshop led by Sr. Maria Santus. We were talking about the vow of chastity, or how to live our sexuality in a healthy way. It was a very valuable experience to be able to reflect on these difficult subjects together – IN COMMUNITY – and share our thoughts. Thanks to workshops conducted by Sr. Maria, we could consciously give and entrust fragile vessels of our life to the Heart of Jesus.

After the workshops we began the day of retreat, which was led for us by Father Łukasz Krauze OMI. The theme of the retreat completed our two days of workshops. Fr. Łukasz drew our attention to the spiritual side of experiencing the vow of chastity, as well as the dimension of corporeality itself. During this time there was no lack of joyful meetings and walks. We had the opportunity to go to Lagiewniki, to entrust us and our communities to Divine Mercy in the hour of Mercy. On the last evening we had a bonfire with the sisters from the local community and the Ukrainians who live in the Provincialate. We shared our joy with each other, dancing and singing to Ukrainian songs.

Junior Sisters