GHANA 2012 – 2022

“…the four Sisters came to Rome to participate in a two month Missionary Preparation Program. After the very intensive two-month program, the Sisters left for Ghana on August 29, 2012…” – I invite you to read about the beginnings of the Nazareth Sisters in Ghana on the Congregation’s website under the tab Mission Homes – Ghana.

For the past 10 years, the charism of Nazareth has been growing in Ghana. The Kingdom of God’s Love is being spread in this beautiful country. The Sisters proclaim with life and word that God Love Incarnate is present in the simplest, most ordinary experiences of human life. God in His generosity raises in the hearts of Ghanaian girls the gift of vocation to the Congregation, children in our schools receive Christian education, Sisters meet the kindness of the people…

10 years is a long and short time… Whichever way we look at it, may God be glorified! I asked our Sisters who have been and are currently in Ghana to share with us (in a few sentences) what they most want to glorify God for in this mission:

* * * * *

Mission – my teacher. The mission in Ghana changed my perspective, taught me humble service and self-denial. Patience, that’s what I had to learn at the very beginning. Forbearance and the ability to accept reality as it is was no small challenge. The mentality and culture of the people there is completely different, everyday life required self-denial and sacrifice. The mission has taught me to be grateful for what I have and to suffice with what is necessary, it has left an indelible mark in me and for this I want to glorify the Lord.

Sr. Bogusława, Polish, currently ministering in a community in Nazareth, Holy Land

* * * * *

May God always be praised and glorified for all the graces He has been given to our Congregation, Church and all the people in Ghana over the past 10 years. Our heavenly Father desires to be known and loved by all in the world, so I am amazed and grateful for being a small part of the mission in Ghana. Building the Kingdom of God wherever we are through the ministry of sharing the Gospel in daily life is a huge task for each Sister and whole Congregation. Ministry of education in the light of Jesus with His power, strength, love and joy to the people of different age and position is possible only with the assistance of the Holy Spirit. Sisters are going and sharing His gifts so the fruits are visible especially on the faces of the children and people whom they serve and are around them. May God’s blessings be with the Sisters who are currently there as well as all Ghanaians.

I pray and wish them all to be given a deep and strong faith, genuine love and unity among them. May they be able to continue be joyful witnesses to the God’s presence and love to all. The mission in Ghana still is and will be in my heart and prayers.

Sr. Marietta, Polish, currently ministering in community in Czestochowa, Poland

* * * * *

May God be glorified – He who does great things using fragile tools. May God be glorified who reveals His tender closeness in the simplest gestures and words: in my Sisters, children, young people, parents, teachers, employees, and friends. May God be glorified – in building our home, school, Nazareth, the Kingdom of His Love – together. For every experience, for joy and longing, uncertainty and consolation, and many question marks, and for allowing us, our CSFN community to take root, grow and develop in Ghana – thank you God.

Sr. Justyna. Polish, currently in Cracow

* * * * *

I came to Ghana with the second group of sisters in 2013. The beginning of our mission was not easy… Together with sr Angelina (our superior) and sr Aneta we started a new community in Yamfo, Goaso diocese. During my service in Ghana, in addition to Yamfo, I also worked in school in Chiraa as a catechism teacher and in Sunyani as a director of postulancy. During those years I learned that, the more we give, the more we ourselves receive. I saw God’s presence with his blessings among the poorest of the poor. I also learned that it is not the lack of money that is the greatest poverty, but the lack of faith, hope and love. Those three bring smiles to the faces of the hungry, the sick and the poor. Those three also help to build real relationships through which difficulties can be overcome. I am grateful to God for this meaningful lesson… Last few months I spent in Poland as my sabatical year. In September I am returning to Ghana. I am going to work in Chiraa in the Holy Family of Nazareth School. During my sabatical year there was not a single day when I did not think about Ghana and my people there…

Sr. Fides, Polish, on the way to community in Chiraa, Ghana

* * * * *

To go to Ghana never came to my mind, but it was God’s plan. He gave me deep understanding that He wants me here…and He wants me to be week that all strength I will have in Him. My mission here is first and foremost the relationship with Him and from that source, the strength to serve comes. He said “without Me you can do nothing “and I have experienced that nothing.

Once I asked “Lord do we fulfill your will here, is it really what you called us for?” The answer came in the words of one girl when the question was asked, “What do you (children) enjoy most about school?” She said “We feel loved.” And so the Kingdom of God’s Love is being spread in Ghana

Sr. Angelina, Polish, community in Yafo, Ghana

* * * * *

Since childhood, I have dreamed of working in missions.  I am glad that the Congregation is carrying out the charism of our Mother Foundress to spread the Kingdom of God’s love among families in Ghana.  My first place of work was in Yamfo with children. And now in Chiraa for the past 3 years I have been working in the Kindergarten. Working here among families and children, I have learned to be open to the needs of local families and always willing to respond to God’s invitation in this beautiful land in Ghana. Faithful and joyful since 2013 until now.

Sr. Aneta, Polish, community in Chiraa, Ghana

* * * * *

Being in Ghana as a missionary, I am learning to be a witness of God’s love. A love that transforms every human heart, especially mine, to also love as He loves me. Filled with this love, I can love these people here in Ghana, where I am already in my sixth year. Everyday life brings many experiences both beautiful and difficult.  But with me is a Good and Loving God who touches my heart through the smile and joy of a child so that I can still be here in Ghana, a country of kind people, for Him.

Sr. Margaret, Polish, community in Chiraa, Ghana

* * * * *

May God be glorified in every person we met, who shared His love with us, to whom we tried to bring this love … to everyone who helped us, still helps and in everyone we tried to help … in every moment of confrontation between: the difference of cultures, languages, ways of experiencing and expressing faith, our understanding of daily life, our expectations and our mistakes….

May God be glorified in each and every Sister of the Congregation who discerned our being here, each and every one who came here to prepare everything for others … those who started the Mission … those who came to help, encourage, explain, support, see and understand more… in each and every Sister who added and left here the best she had …. in each and every one of these 4 brave and amazing young Sisters who have decided to follow You together with us….

 May Your Glory be revealed in each of us who are here now, seeking and fulfilling – I believe, Your Will.

Sr. M. Salomea, Polish, community in Sunyani Ghana

* * * * *

Ghana became my second home five years ago. Through various experiences, I am learning not only about Ghana or myself, but above all how much I receive from God and Ghana each day. I praise God in our mission for the gift of the presence of every person I meet on my way – the elderly, adults, youth, especially children, who need love and a sense of security more than material goods… I am not a person who gives something to people here or does great work, but rather the one who is constantly gifted … with warmth, love, simplicity, joy, an old lady’s toothless smile, a basket of bananas from a neighbor, or the sincerity of children’s hearts, bringing a torn piece of paper to the office with a drawn flower and a childish “Sister, we love you” … The only thing I can share with them is Jesus’ love, nothing else …

Sr. Daniela, Polish, community in Yamfo, Ghana

* * * * *

Dreams do come true. This was the case for me. The desire to go on a mission has been with me for many years. And even though I did not go to Ghana with the first group of Sisters, I believed that one day this day would come. And so it did. I don’t know when it passed but I have been in the community in Chiraa for almost 4 years now. Sharing the joys and concerns of the local religious community and the local people, constantly learning to be a missionary. It has been a beautiful experience but also one that poses a great challenge every day. Is it easy? No. Would I take the same decision to go on mission today? Undoubtedly, yes.

Sr. Anna, Polish, community in Chiraa, Ghana

* * * * *

I did not plan to come for mission in Ghana, Africa. But trusting and obeying God’s will and plan for me, I am here with joyful heart continuously embracing the challenges of life’s journey and courageously live the life in a mission in this beautiful land of Ghana.

Sister Linda Maria, Filipina, community in Chiraa, Ghana

* * * * *

I am a Ghanaian from the Bono Region Sunyani. I joined the Congregation of the Holy Family of Nazareth on 8th October. And I started my Aspirancy on 4th November, 2018. And I started my Postulancy on 24th March, 2019. And now I am a Novice. The sisters are very nice and hospitable. Nazareth is the home of everyone. We welcome everyone to our house. I Love Nazareth. I rejoice when I heard them say let us go to the house of the Lord. Amen.

Sr. M. Angela, Ghanaian, the Novice in Sunyani, Ghana

* * * * *

What I want to glorified God for;
I want glorified God for the gift of my life and my vocation in the congregation
I want to glorified God for the gift of our congregation and also the mission here in Ghana
I want to glorified God for their pastoral work and also helping the people here in Ghana

Sr. Nancy, Ghanaian, the Novice in Sunyani, Ghana

* * * * *

I am grateful to God for the gift of each one of us. Despite our cultural background, race and nationality, we are able to stand together as one family in the Lord. In our differences lies our strength and our beauty. The love and sensitivity that we have for one another is a rare gift that only few people possesses. And to God be glory for this gift.

Sr. Scholastica Maria, Ghanaian, the Novice in Sunyani, Ghana

* * * * *

I am very grateful I have been given privileged to write some few sentences to glorify God. I would like to glorify Him for the Sisters’ mission in Ghana. For the past 10 years in Ghana Sisters did not give up when they had some candidates but they were not able to stay with the Sisters. I would like to thank God that I am also part of this Congregation of the Sisters of Holy Family of Nazareth today. When I think of it, it is a gift for me since I joined the Congregation. I would like to glorify God once again that with the Sisters’ guidance, deep process and prayer I have become more close to God and the Holy Family. Thank You.

Sr. M Joyce, Ghanaian, the Novice in Sunyani, Ghana