At the break of dawn on July 31, 2022, together with 4 brave young women, we went on a trip of a lifetime in our DMN car: we drove a total of more than 3,000 km. through the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia (and on the way back also Hungary and Slovakia). Our destination was a small Herzegovinian town – Medjugorie. Although small – it is famous all over the world, because great things are happening here. I don’t mean at all the apparitions, which are being studied by the Church all the time…. but the miracle of prayer is happening here, the miracle of the conversion of many hearts (this place is called the “confessional of the world”), and we still in these days experienced the unique miracle of meeting with a beautiful, young, living Church, because we participated in the 33rd Youth Festival, which brought together young people from more than 60 (!) countries. About what happened there, Ania will tell further.

Sr. Marianna Tarkowska

To Medjugorie with an open heart

It can’t be otherwise – going to Medjugorie requires an open heart, a focused gaze and attentive listening to be able to experience the time given there fruitfully. I think it is in these three points that lies the recipe for making the most of a stay in a unique place to which hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are heading. Our unique adventure began on Sunday, July 31 and lasted until August 8. Although we formed a small community of five, yet how great it was when we joined for the International Youth Prayer Meeting, which was held under the motto “Learn from me and you will find peace” Matthew 11:28-30. And through these words,  each day we were given to enter even more deeply into the mysteries of this motto. Prayers, catechesis, numerous testimonies, praying the rosary, the Eucharist, Adoration, singing, dancing contributed to the fact that the time there flowed differently. It was also worthwhile to allow ourselves to stop – to be alone , to go into the depths of the heart, to establish perhaps a common direction, to rebuild a relationship with the Lord God, and also with Mary. And it is precisely the place that allows taking such steps. At the very beginning, each of us could not believe that this was really happening – but with great joy we set out. Without a doubt, Mary’s invitation – to which each of us responded in this wild idea – can be felt tangibly in these events. A wild one and yet the God’s idea just for us. The various points of the day contributed to the uniqueness of the time we were given to experience together. Returning was very difficult for us due to the news of the bus accident that reached us. Although the pilgrimage route has come to an end, we are still pilgrims here on earth ‘ precisely with that with which we came back ‘, precisely in this our daily life we constantly need to sow the seeds of the time we were given to experience, to sow and at the same time to share. The beauty of this time and place will long be remembered, and may the fruits continually sprout in us. Praise the Lord!