Eleven months after our Sisters left at the beginning of the war, Sr. Beata, Sr. Agata and Sr. Margaret traveled to Kherson, a city liberated from Russian occupation two months ago.

The situation in the city is very difficult, there is constant shelling, many places are mined and very dangerous. However, despite the fact that many of the city’s residents have left, our priests have stayed and, as the Sisters say, the parish is a real oasis of prayer for peace. Sisters went there to discern about the situation, whether it is possible for us to return to Kherson. They see how much their presence is needed here. At the same time, they understand that our ministry at this time must be quite different than before. The parish has a humanitarian aid post supported by the Polish government. Every two weeks 300-400 packages are issued to the needy. People are tired of the situation that has lasted for almost a year, but they are happy to have regained their freedom and have much hope for rebuilding the devastation. They need support, comfort, accompaniment and communal prayer.

We support the Sisters with our prayers, may God give them the light and courage they need to discern God’s plans.