April 13 – 23, 2024


Our journey to Poland started with a single step as we arrived on the 13th of April at one of our houses in the Sacred Heart of Jesus convent in Krakow, Poland. We are so grateful to God and blessed beyond measure to have the opportunity to experience Poland, in the place where it all began. For me, it was not just a simple visit, but a real-llife encounter with our mother-foundress, Blessed Frances Siedliska, who has always had the desire that this small Nazareth would spread out across the world, bringing unity, love, and hope.

Every day was full of surprises—meeting the sisters, sharing each other’s stories, laughter, gifts, and life. Whenever we came to visit the sisters and their communities, we were always welcomed by them with open arms and hearts smiling at us. Their warm greetings and embraces served us as the best remedy, especially for me, who came from a tropical country due to the cold weather in Poland. I remember that every time the sisters would hug and greet me with their smiles on their faces, I could feel the presence of Mother Foundress, as if she were the one who hugged and greeted me. After ten days of staying, encountering the sisters, and exploring some places, I discovered that this Nazareth, where the Holy Family lived, found a new home in the beautiful country of Poland through our mother-foundress. Reflecting upon our daily experiences in Poland, I realized that each sister of our congregation has the same Nazareth seed that Mother Foundress imprinted in our hearts. As long as we carry the Holy Family in our hearts, we will have the same Nazareth seed that continues to bloom, spread, and connect us as her children and for each other. Visiting some places where our sisters were ministering was also a wonderful testimony for us of how we are as Nazareth sisters ministering to the family in a different setting, culture, and country. I can see how they were channels of God’s love to others through their selfless service. This simple encounter was deepened, and I was able to appreciate more my Nazareth vocation and my Nazareth identity, and I’m proud to say that I have also a polish root in me. We are also fortunate to visit other sacred places such as the sanctuary of the Divine Mercy, the museums of St. John Paul II in Wadowice, the museum of the Blessed Ulma family, etc. We are also delighted to see and visit the friends and families of our sisters, who joyfully welcomed us into their humble home and served us delicious Polish meals.

The most important experience that I highlighted during our stay in Poland was the footsteps of our mother-foundress, and we are blessed and deeply grateful for Sister Elena from Krakow province and Sister Amata from Warsaw province, who became God’s messenger for us; they were our enthusiast tour guides. I wish and pray that all our sisters can experience the footsteps of our mother-foundress. It was a meaningful pilgrimage knowing that we have our mother-foundress by our side, guiding and showing us where the places of the little seed of Nazareth sprouted.

Our experience of the 35th pilgrimage from Roszkowa Wola to Zdzary was also an incredible moment for us; it was about eight kilometers and lasted for almost two hours. The pilgrimage started with the Holy Mass at ten o’clock in the morning in our beautiful chapel, with the relics of our Mother Foundress in the center and a lovely painting of Mother Foundress with the Holy Family. The chapel was filled with a lot of the lay faithful, and I was really amazed by their faith and love for our mother-foundress. We are beyond blessed to witness this kind of faith and devotion to our mother foundress, and it was also a great privilege for us to be one to carry the relics of our mother foundress. It was a priceless experience for me personally. In conclusion, it was a sacred journey of thanksgiving, devotion, and love to our mother-foundress, who always interceded for all of us. It was also for me a pilgrim of two hearts that meets to glorify God for His unending love and goodness to us. A ten-day journey with our mother-foundress that begins with a single step will be forever carved in our hearts.

Sr. Rutchen