Not my dream place of mission but my mission destiny: Ghana Africa

It was an experience of so much joy and love in my heart when I arrived in our formation house in Sunyani. The postulants welcomed me in the way Ghanians do. They sang, danced and offered other Ghanaian gestures of love, respect and welcoming. They even greeted me with their own language. Like “Akwaaba Sister! Wo ho te sen? Ekwan so? Aha dee bukuu wo na wo nam?”  It means: We welcome you Sister! How are you? What is your mission? And why you are here? Automatically, I responded to them with a smile, because to be honest I didn’t know what to answer. It seems like an easy question, but it’s difficult because my mind was still wondering…Then I remembered what a priest once told me, that wherever you are, always know your identity. And if you know your identity then you will know your purpose. Then, I said to them “Thank you so much, I am wonderful 😄. My mission is to be with you, to work with you and to live with you… And I am here because Jesus is here.” Because of their questions I was reminded of my own identity, that I am the beloved child of God, and my purpose is to be with Jesus.

During our walks going to the church, people are nice and the children are smiling. I was very impressed with them. They are beautiful soul people. They have a unique and simple way of living. Being here moves me to widen my thinking. Because being with them doesn’t feel like being on mission but simply like real love.

I pray that throughout the rest of my journey in this beautiful land of Ghana, Africa, I will know more of HIM, my only reason and purpose.

Sr. Linda