Over the last four years, I had the grace of being in a small community of three where I could imitate the life of the Holy Family, in the place from where “Love” went out to the whole world. For the last four years, I had the grace to minister in our house in Nazareth. It was a beautiful, unforgettable time in which I was able to touch places so important to every Nazareth Sister. In our everyday life, made up of prayer and work, I was able to come to know the rich Arab culture, with customs so different from ours European ones. Being in close proximity to the Basilica of the Annunciation and the Church of Saint Joseph, I was able to draw strength for my ministry in the vicariate of the Latin Church. Every day I was able to meet the people who visited our house, pilgrims who came in large numbers to Nazareth. Thanks to Bishop Giacinto Marcuzzo, and in the last three years also Fr. Vicar Hanna Kildani, I was able to visit many places important to our Christian faith. I was able to follow in the footsteps of Jesus in Jerusalem and many other places in Israel and Palestine. These wonderful places will remain in my memory forever. Hearing the Gospel during daily Mass, I have before my eyes the places where I was able to visit. Recently, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Holy Land has been deserted. The busy streets of the old city in Jerusalem or in Nazareth have been empty. There are no pilgrims or tourists. Many Holy Places are closed awaiting the pandemic to end. My experience of the Holy Land is a call for me to follow the Lord Jesus faithfully in every place where I will be sent in my religious life.

Sr. Faustyna Kamzol