This year’s Lent abounds in events that force us all to take a fresh look at our lives, to see what happens to us in the light of God’s Word. Sisters from Belarus also took up this call, organizing another meeting for young women.

April 1-3, in Nowogrodek, a retreat was held under the theme: Joy of Broken Bones (Ps 51). Participating were 57 girls from different parts of Belarus, namely, Hrodna, Minsk, Stolbtsy, Lida, Dokshytsy, Herzegovina, Ugiel, Nowogrodek, and Ivianets. The main theme was God’s mercy revealed in the life of King David. Father Wladyslaw Minko OFMCap helped to learn more about the story of David and to understand more deeply God’s forgiveness, love and mercy. The program included the Eucharist, the Stations of the Cross, time to meditate on God’s Word, and sharing of reflections in groups. One of the highlights of the retreat was the all-night adoration, when each participant had the opportunity to be with the Lord alone.

At the shared summary, the words often rang out: What matters to God is not my perfection, but only whether I am honest with Him and with myself. He wants to give me His love and mercy. I just have to accept it and always remember that He loves me so much that He forgives everything and never rejects. The girls were very grateful for this opportunity and are already looking forward to the next retreat.

It is a great joy for us to accompany so many young people on their journey of discovering God and His forgiving Love.

Sr. Nazaria Mikłasz