Chapter 2015, July 6th

“Here I am, send me” echoed throughout the chapel of the Generalate of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth as the XXIV General Chapter got underway on July 6. ​Thirty nine​ delegates representing five continents and thirteen countries stood together and prayed that we would be of “one mind in the truth and one heart in charity” as we undertake the work of this sacred gathering. Three days of retreat with Rev. Andrzej Wodka, C.S.s.R  preceded the opening of the Chapter and helped us to focus on the important task of this Chapter – looking at our Nazareth mission in the light of the new evangelization and our ministry to families and to the poor. Taking the words of Pope Francis from “Evangelii Gaudium”, we are being called to embrace a missionary option, to move out of our places of security and comfort and go to the peripheries where we will encounter the living Christ in our brothers and sisters, especially in the poorest. With joyful enthusiasm, the Chapter delegates processed from the chapel to the Chapter Hall singing the Ghanese folk song: “Jesu,Jesu” while carrying empty calabash bowls brought from Ghana, one of our new mission homes. The empty bowls signify our willingness to be emptied out, in imitation of Christ. Throughout the coming days, we invite all those who visit our website to join us in prayer and share in this special time with us.

Here are a few pictures from our first days together: