Chapter 2015, July 24-25th

The final working days of the XXIV General Chapter have come and gone and what remains are the signing of the Chapter documents by the delegates, the official closing ceremony and the closing Mass. For us, it’s important that we end with as much enthusiasm and joy as we had when we entered into our pre-Chapter retreat and opening days of Chapter. We have been to the mountain of Transfiguration and have had a powerful encounter with our God and with one another. Like the disciples, Jesus sends us back down the mountain with an urgent message: Go! Go and make disciples! Go and heal the sick and free the captives! Go and bring the Gospel to those most in need…GO! As Jesus sends us forth, we do not go alone. We go in communion and sacred partnership with the Holy Spirit and with one another and with every Nazareth sister in our Congregation. Thank you to everyone who has accompanied us in prayer during these past weeks and to all of our Sisters who served in so many ways to make this Chapter a true encounter!